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5 Tricks About Acne Treatment You Wish You Knew Before

30 May

1. Acne is inherited

Should you develop acne, no-one will have the ability to let you know why and be leery of anyone who does – they might just be trying to sell you a “miracle cure.” There are numerous chemical and natural approaches to combat acne. Try these after you have spoken to a great dermatologist, he or she’ll have the ability to help you decide the mix of treatments that suit you best.


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2. Topical Creams

Available over the counter, you have probably used some of these. They’re made to unblock pores so that your skins natural oils may proceed and be disposed of the way your skin planned. Pretty much anything containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid is great for moderate cases of acne, in teens and adults. This is particularly true once the cream is mixed with an antibiotic. Be certain you use a sunscreen that’s acceptable for acne. You might have to drop the security factor down from 30 to 15 or thereabouts to break free from the heavy greasy lotions. Start looking for a sunscreen that comes in a spray or gel and contains a component called Mexoryl (either the X or FX varieties) as these will not clog your pores.


3. Prescription medications

For more severe cases, these are either antibiotics or hormones and are often used within a few years to control and enhance acne. Men frequently suffer from worse cases of acne than girls because they produce more testosterone and prescription drugs are more commonly used for men than for women. Acne medicines containing the ingredient Isotretinoin are commonly prescribed but if you’re a woman thinking of this therapy, be aware that it’s been associated with severe birth defects so ask your dermatologist lots of questions and be sure you feel comfortable with this information. The Pill is one choice for women and has been demonstrated to effectively fight some forms of acne.


4. Natural Treatments

Organic is a word that has to be approached with care. Mother Nature gave us several cures but also many toxins. Additionally, there are many ‘natural’ remedies whose ingredient list reads like the stock of a chemical lab! Listed below are some commonly used natural acne remedies but use your common sense and if you do not know what it is, do not place it in your own body.

This one is totally safe in the doses found in the majority of cosmetic products, but that may mean it is too diluted to be an effective acne treatment. It will feel lovely on the skin after cleaning though.

Additionally, tea-tree oil may be damaging if you’re taking acne medication since they might respond and cause inflammation.

Vitamin A: Great for the vision but sadly toxic if taken in the dose you will need to combat acne.


5. Cosmetic surgery

An extreme approach to acne and acne scars, this normally entails dermabrasion or micro-dermabrasion with followup remedies that involve additional sessions and take-home lotions. Alternatives include laser treatment or mild therapy. These may dramatically reduce snoring, but all have possible side-effects in addition to being expensive. If you opt for this way of treating acne, research as many cosmetic surgery professionals as you are able to ask plenty of questions and do not ever feel rushed.


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